Give your team the solar tools they need to succeed.

Experience a smarter way to qualify leads, plan installations and manage customers—all on one integrated platform.


Advising on solar installations is time-consuming

Solar advisors are tasked with delivering precise and efficient solutions. But the complexity doesn't stop at planning and designing optimal solar installations. 

Managing leads, client interactions, and generating quotes also demand significant time and effort, compounding the challenges of their role.

Kuppa takes care of everything you need

Kuppa helps you qualify leads, analyse complex roof surfaces, and creates interactive quotes, so you don’t have to.

Qualified Leads. Smarter Layouts.
Bigger Picture.

Seamlessly plan and design solar installations.
Accurately assess the solar potential of a site, including sun path and shading considerations, scaffolding, desired panel layout, and potential to add storage.
Manage customers effectively.
Make the most of our dual-interface system for both advisors and consumers, to help qualify leads and interact with quotes.
Consider the broader context.
Project the benefits of future home upgrades like battery storage or EV charging to help customers plan ahead. This means streamlined upselling processes and more profitable jobs.

Automate away your solar design process

Advanced Obstruction Algorithm for each panel
Our algorithm identifies suitable roof space, automatically excluding roof lights, windows and dormers to estimate solar output.
Automated MCS Sunpath diagrams

Build custom end-to-end support an workflows
Automate support from customers an contact to closing the ticket.
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Saves time and enhances accuracy in determining optimal panel placement.
Scaffolding complexity estimates
Precision estimates for scaffolding based on environmental factors and obstacles.

Engage customers across the journey

Make the most of our dual-interface system for both advisors and consumers.
Advanced Lead Qualification
Identify and prioritise high-potential leads with data-driven insights for better conversion rates.
Interactive Quote Management
Share, save and modify quotes easily, providing customers with transparency and tailored solutions.

Show the bigger picture

Model the impact of solar plus battery, EV charging, ToU tarriffs and heat pumps on a customer’s system - helping them see a path to a fully electrified home.
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