Kuppa in Wolverhampton

The City of Wolverhampton licenced Kuppa to give its residents personalised advice and access to local funding to improve their homes.

Wolves residents can use Kuppa's digital tool to:
Get personalised advice
Access local grants for upgrades
Book energy adviser appointments
How it works

It's as simple as ABC

We're helping residents in the City of Wolverhampton to get personalised advice and access local funding to improve their homes. Follow these simple steps.
Complete the digital tool
Get started in five minutes. By combining your answers with public data, we can build up a picture of your home.
Get your personalised results
Kuppa's Energy Model shows you where your heat is going, whether that's through your walls, doors or windows.
Take action or get help
Kuppa recommends the steps you can take towards an energy efficient home, showing you the cost and carbon benefits.

Why try Kuppa's digital advice tool?

By replacing a home survey with our digital tool, we offer accurate results without you ever having to leave your sofa.
Everyone has different needs and preferences at home. And everyone's home is slightly different. Kuppa tells you what home improvements will work for yourhome and household.
Life happens. Things change.
Come back and customise your recommendations and get an updated, step-by-step plan.
What Kuppa does

Kuppa listens to you and your home

Bricks & Mortar
Your walls and windows, roof and floors are all connected. If you make changes in one part of your home, others will be impacted. Kuppa recommends upgrades which work well together and leave you with a more comfortable home.
Your Household
Your Household
Whether it’s future plans for an extension or a growing family, your home is unique because of you and the people you live with. Kuppa takes into account your preferences and plans, including:
— Your Budget
— Your Goals
— Where to start
— When to start
Your home is unique to you and your household. Kuppa takes into account your preferences and plans, including:
— Your budget
— Your goals
— Where to start
— When to start
Heating Systems
Making your home more energy-efficient can help reduce your bills and make upgrading your heating systems more cost-effective. That’s why we look at both Bricks and Mortar and Heating Systems.

Take 5 to find future savings

Kuppa has helped hundreds of people like you to save energy and money at home.
60% of Energy Bills
We'll show you how to reduce your energy bills by up to 60%
90% of the home's carbon footprint
We'll show you how to reduce your home's carbon footprint by up to 90%
365 days a year comfort
We'll show you how you can stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer
Having an idea of how much energy efficiency upgrades will cost can help me plan what I'll do in my new home. I've not been able to find that elsewhere.
New Homeowner
I am impressed! I used Kuppa for one of my rental properties. The recommendations are clear and easy to understand. Very pleased!
With our youngest child flying the nest, we're looking at doing some renovations. Kuppa's tool gave us options to help decide what we'll do next.

Behind the Scenes

Kuppa is powering an online retrofit recommendation tool for the 200,000 residents in Wolverhampton. The Digital Advice service will, in turn, help Wolverhampton Homes scale up, and deliver best value from, its innovative decarbonisation programme.
Kuppa’s Digital Advice Tool is demstifying decarbonisation for the 200,00 residents of Wolverhampton.

With just a short online form, Kuppa provides individual households a personalised plan to transform their home’s energy consumption and save money on their energy bills.

Are you a Wolverhampton resident?
Get Started in 5 minutes.

At the end of the questionnaire, Kuppa point households to low-cost, high-impact energy-saving measures upgrades  — all tailored to their personal circumstances.

Kuppa also makes it easier for households to take action by identifying grants offered by the council and energy providers which could cover the upfront costs of these measures.

The Digital Advice Tool is available until September 2023 to all Wolverhampton residents, including social tenants, private-rental tenants, and homeowners.
Kuppa has been awarded funding from the Innovate UK Small Business Research Initiative (IUK SBRI).

The competition set out to find innovative solutions for reducing carbon emissions and costs associated with heating and hot water in buildings.

For this project, Kuppa is working in partnership with Wolverhampton Homes, Wolverhampton’s largest social housing portfolio owner, to test new approaches to stock modelling. In other words, we are building new data models based on the actual energy performance of lots of Wolverhampton homes.

From this bank of information, Kuppa will generate insights about how to most effectively scale up decarbonisation across the many homes they manage.

With this hyper-local evidenced-base, Wolverhampton Homes plans to develop a viable pathway to decarbonisation for even more homes in Wolverhampton.
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