Partnership Announcement: Tandem Bank

Kuppa partners with Tandem Bank, the UK’s greener digital bank, in a move to support the transition of thousands of UK homes to greener living.
Home energy intelligence platform, Kuppa, has announced its latest strategic partnership with Tandem — the UK’s greener digital bank.

Kuppa works with businesses like Tandem, who are leading the home energy transition, offering customers full insight into the cost and carbon impact of their home improvement options.

Established in 2022, Kuppa works with Banks, Energy Suppliers and Local Authorities, offering personalised actionable insight for their customers to help them to upgrade their home, save money and benefit the environment.

The partnership with Tandem will help empower customers with information and tools to facilitate green home upgrades via Tandem’s Green Hub, emphasising both cost savings and environmental benefits.

Launching in Q1 2024, the partnership will support create a new service for Tandem customers on its app and website, providing information and tools to help support green home decisions.

Alex Mollart, CEO at Tandem commented
"Tandem offers greener ways to save, borrow, spend and share. Collaborating with Kuppa enhances our commitment by providing UK households with actionable insights to elevate the sustainability of their homes and save money, whilst reducing carbon footprints."

Kirsty Kenney, Co-Founder of Kuppa, added
"Kuppa is delighted to partner with Tandem, enabling customers to embark on informed home energy transitions. With similar missions,  together, we’re helping consumers choose a more sustainable way of life."

About Kuppa

Kuppa is an energy intelligence provider, leveraging intelligence to de-risk and accelerate net zero transition in all homes. Kuppa’s intelligence learning model takes the guesswork out of home upgrades, electrification and flexible energy switching.

Our data stack combines professional, user-generated, sensed and public data sets, making it the most holistic, intelligent energy model available. Using the data, our proprietary algorithms cycle through scenarios of fabric and system upgrades for optimally improving the energy performance of any home. Kuppa then recommends the best options for the home from thousands of possible combinations. It leaves customers with intelligent recommendations that engage and convert to action.

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About Tandem

As the UK’s greener, digital bank, Tandem’s on a mission to help the UK transition to a lower carbon lifestyle. We call this banking for a greener future.

Benefiting both customers’ pockets and the planet, we offer greener ways to save, borrow, spend and share. From loans for greener home improvements and vehicles, to EPC discount mortgages and green savings, our products make it easier for more people to choose a greener lifestyle – helping save money, whilst reducing carbon footprints.

Launched in 2014 as one of the UK’s original challenger banks, we’re proudly headquartered in the North West, and now employ over 500 people across Blackpool, Cardiff, Durham, London and Manchester.

Tandem Bank Limited t/a Tandem is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

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Kirsty Kenney
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